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Sale! Thanks! Everything has sold!

HI everybody! I've got tons of makeup that I am not using currently so my goal is to weed out everything that I don't use. My addictive tendencies are your gain!
You can view my feedback of MUA here:
I have some limited edition MAC and most has only been used a few times. I am totally willing to haggle!
Paypal only! No e-checks!
Shipping is $2 dollars for the first item plus $1 for each additional item. (Delivery Confirmation Included)
I've got some MSF's, Paint Pot's, Shadows and blush!


Brunette MSF-(no insert/box)--Used 5x--$25

MAC Hello Kitty Beauty Powder--Pretty Baby (5x, if that)--$25

BNIB--Technakohl Liner in Colour Matters--$16

Local Colour Dazzleglass--Used 1x on my hand (btw same color as baby sparks w/different shimmer)

came with this huge bubble--$10

Serenly Beauty Powder Blush--Depotted--homemade label and magnet--Used 3x--$10

I am selling all the shadows and the very gently used MAC Palette. Prefer to sell all together but will

seperate if requested. All depots with homemade labels except Rule which is a pro pan. Usages listed

below. ($90, all together w/palette).

 First row (top to bottom): Sugarshot (99%), Claire de lune (95%), Spring

Up! (95%)

Left Row (top to bottom): Gorgeous Gold (90%), Rule (95%), Lightfall
(from Shadowy Lady Quad 99.9%) 

Right Row (top to bottom): Innuedo (MAC label Chipped around edge 85%), Post Haste (Chipped and a

small crack 80%), Creme de Violet (65%)

Left (top to bottom): Endless Love (diana eyes quad, 95%), Lovely Lily Pigment Pressed (75% full in tin--I

pressed for myself so it was a very generous portion), Well Plumed (98%)

Right Row (top to bottom): Antique Green Pigment Pressed (90% full), Gulf Stream (95%), Cool Heat (95%)

Like I mentioned I'd prefer to sell them together but will seperate.

Individually All shadows except Lovely Lily, Creme de Violet, Poste Haste and Innuendo will be $7, the

aforementioned will be $5.

The palette is $7 alone. 


Electro Sky PP--Still Creamy just not as creamy as a fresh pp. (95% remains) $14

Soft and Gentle MSF--Used 10x Lightly--$20 Dome still intact (no insert)

249 brush (purchased from allcosmeticswholesale--pristine condition) Used 1x--$16


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Blog Sale

I would love to purchase the paint pot and your shadows. I am interested in for the most part all shadows. But can't afford to purchase at once. can you please leave me an e-mail at<-----same as paypal account. Thank you for your time!!!!! Jessica

Hi im interested in the empty palette. How much for the palette shipped to 12302? I really really want it.

Sorry it's already sold! Thanks for looking

i'm super interested in rule e/s but i'm way low on cash atm. i'm trying to get money into my paypal but also saw you live in nv. wondering what area?

how much would you ask for it just so i know?

Its no longer available actually. The only thing left from this post is the blush. Thanks for asking though

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